Use a Registry Tool to Safely Repair Registry Errors

picture of editorThe registry holds all the configuration information for your Windows PC. We call the registry the ‘heart and soul’ of your PC. If there is a problem with the registry then your PC could stop working. If the registry fails… your PC fails!

Registry tools can keep your PC error free, make your PC more reliable and even optimize and speed up Windows.

We have collected the best free to download registry tool programs we could find to help you better manage your PC.

We have registry tools suitable for all users – beginners and experienced alike. These tools will automatically backup the registry, scan for errors and if you choose, automatically fix the errors. We have one general purpose registry tool we recommend for all users. Download our recommended registry tool now

However, I want to warn you that some of the registry tools on this site are for expert PC users only. The expert tools require a high level of understanding of the PC registry. If you do not have the required experienced, using the expert tools could cause far more problems than they solve. Find out which tool to use by visiting our Features page.

Please explore our website, visit our blog, learn about the registry and download the registry tools that match your PC knowledge.

Above all, enjoy safe and error free computing!

We are here to help you learn about, protect and fix the Windows registry, avoid Windows errors and sleep well at night! On this website you will find:

  • Free to download programs that solve your Windows registry problems
  • Detailed list of features – you decide which program(s) to download
  • Clear install & uninstall instructions so you don’t get stuck
  • Useful links, sites & articles to help fix PC registry errors
  • Online 24/7 Windows PC technical support

Happy & Safe Computing!


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What is the Windows Registry?

The Microsoft Windows registry is a collection of all the configuration settings for your PC and most of the applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

The registry holds all the important details about each user configuration, what your Windows desktop looks like, how programs save their data and a thousand other settings.

The main purpose of the registry is to avoid having hundreds or even thousands of configuration files for all manner of programs and hardware. All the major settings are held in one place, this makes it easier for software developers to configure their settings in one place and easier for computer professionals to configure computers.

However, if all the settings are in the registry then problems in the registry (file corruption, invalid settings, lost files) can affect the whole PC. You can see your PC slow down, programs crashing or freezing and even the famous blue screen of death is a possibility.

We recommend you use a registry cleaning program to identify and fix registry errors.


How Do You Fix Registry Errors?

There are 2 main ways to solve registry errors such as the blu-ray error shown below.

Registry Tool can solve Registry Error Messages

The first approach is to manually edit the registry to repair the error. This requires in depth knowledge of the Windows registry to do safely and typically only computer professionals would attempt this. In fact many PC professionals leave the registry well alone and would use our second approach.

The other way to solve registry errors is to use Windows registry repair software from a certified Microsoft developer. This approach has you install a free to download program (a registry tool) which automatically scans, detects and repairs registry errors on your PC.

This safe approach actually helps prevent some registry errors in the first place by identifying issues such as missing file links before they become a regular problem.

Both approaches do work but for the general PC user, installing a registry cleaning tool is really the only prudent option.


Fixing registry errors can be a simple process if you use automated registry cleaning software.

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